CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit 10pcs from Korea_MA
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CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit 10pcs from Korea_MA

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  • 2-step Nose strip/mask for blackhead
  • 1step(Blackhead clear mask, 2.5ml): Consists of the blackhead clear mask which gently dissolves blackheads and sebum
  • 2step(Pore tightening mask, 3ml): This is to minimize the appearance of pores
  • This 2-step mask is specially designed to remove blackheads and excess sebum to achieve blackhead-free skin without squeezing
    • Synthetic fragrances & colorants free
    • Contains natural ingredients.
    • Soften and gently dissolve blackheads
    • Help remove excess sebum
    • Invisible peeling booster is a gentle exfoliant which requires no rinsing
    • Pomegranate extract,
    • Witch hazel extract,
    • Zinc PCA
  • How to Use 
    • Apply basic skincare products after washing face with warm water
    • Apply Mask 1(Blackhead clear mask) to an area with blackheads for 10 to 15 minutes
    • Remove the mask and wipe your nose clean with the enclosed cotton bud, in a downward motion
    • Apply Mask 2(Pore tightening mask) to tighten the pores for about 5 to 10 minutes
    • Remove the mask and pat area gently to allow the remaining soothing gel to be absorbed into your nose
      # Tip: For best result, use a warm towel on the area with blackhead before using the Mask1 to open the pores
  • 10pcs


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