CNP Invisible Peeling Booster 100ml from Korea_CL
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CNP Invisible Peeling Booster 100ml from Korea_CL

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This hypoallergenic peeling booster exfoliates unnecessary skin cells effectively, leaving skin smoother and maximizing the effect of your next skin-care stage.
    • An effective exfoliation booster safe to use for sensitive skin
    • Improves skin in seven aspects: sebum control, soothing (redness), fairness, hydration, oil secretion, brightness, skin texture, and more (Clinically tested)
    • Infused with PHA ingredient to effectively exfoliate the skin without causing irritation
    • Infused with NMF ingredient to enhance moisture content in the skin for a longer period of time
    • Infused with allantoin to soothe skin
  • 100ml



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