HERA Cell Essence Biome Plus 75ml from Korea_E

HERA Cell Essence Biome Plus 75ml from Korea_E

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# First-to-use essence to create healthy radiant skin through moisture and nourishment from Biome Plus

@ Anti-wrinkle / All Skin Types / Day&Night

  • The skin barrier depending on the environment, skin microbiome study
    • HERA discovered that urban women are more likely to lose balance in their skin microbiome and studied the optimal blend of nourishing ingredients to keep the skin barrier healthy.
  • Biome Plus technology to replenish the skin with moisture and nourishment for a healthy glow
    • HERA’s body fluid mimicking Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 is enriched with *probiotics and prebiotics to strengthen the skin barrier and keep the skin hydrated, healthy and glowing.
  • Fast-absorbing water type essence for deep hydration
    • It is a water type essence with nourishing ingredients dispersed in liquid for fast absorption without any sticky feeling.
    • It boosts the absorption of skincare products used in the following steps.
  • 75ml


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