HERA Aquabolic Hydro-Gel Cream 50ml Moisturizing Cream from Korea_C

HERA Aquabolic Hydro-Gel Cream 50ml Moisturizing Cream from Korea_C

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A moisturizing cream relieving stress from the skin by filling it with an abundant refreshing feel

  • AQUA-TONING for instant moisturizing
    • A moisturizing gel-type cream with lotus extract, betaine and a natural moisturizing factor from trehalose, working together to soothe the skin and replenish it with moisture.
  • Bright and clear skin fully filled with fresh moisture
    • Instantly fills the skin with refreshing moisture for a bright and flawless complexion.
  • Moisturizing gel texture with a refreshing cooling sensation
    • A sensual texture that glides smoothly and lightly over the skin, leaving a feeling of thinly-layered moisture.
  • Aqua-Toning
    • The key technology applied to the AQUABOLIC line. It works to resolve the problem of a lack of moisture in the skin by providing moisture energy and boosting the skin’s circulation for skin that looks bright and flawless through the delivery of fresh moisture every day.
  • 50ml


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