HERA Face Designing Highlighter 10g from Korea_MU

HERA Face Designing Highlighter 10g from Korea_MU

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# A highlighter pact for shimmery radiance and a healthy glow

  • Delicate and exquisite pearls for shimmering radiance
    • Shimmering pearls add a delicate radiance to the skin and create brightness with a luxuriant glow that changes color depending on the viewing angle due to the refraction of light.
  • Glowing skin as smooth as fine porcelain
    • Powder and binder are mixed similar to when making porcelain paste, so that particles are well packed together to create a smooth, natural finish.
  • Light and silky texture without any blowing powder
    • A baked type, meaning that its light and yet solid texture is applied smoothly without any powder drifting around.
  • 10g


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