HERA Signia Ampoule 10.2g x 4ea from Korea_E

HERA Signia Ampoule 10.2g x 4ea from Korea_E

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# The 4-week total anti-aging program ampoule makes skin elastic and full of vitality with the essence of vitality contained in Narcissus

@ Skin Brightening / All Skin Types / Day&Night

  • Intensive anti-aging care with concentrated energy through activation immediately before application
    • The enhanced vitalizing power of five million narcissus plant cells and antioxidant energy (EAE) is activated right before application, delivering a brilliant glow and remarkable suppleness to the skin in the freshest way.
  • Total anti-aging care tuned to the skin’s biorhythm
    • It safeguards the skin against external irritants during the day and provides intensive anti-aging and antioxidant effects during the night to give you complete anti-aging treatment throughout the day.
  • 4-week total anti-aging ampoule program tuned to the skin's cell turnover cycle
    • Through a four-week intensive anti-aging program tuned to the skin’s cell turnover cycle, you will be able to have more beautiful and youthful skin.
  • SIGNIA AMPOULE for healthy looking supple skin
    • SIGNIA AMPOULE improves the skin’s texture and suppleness, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles in four weeks.
  • 4ea x 10.2g



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