HERA Signia Eye Treatment Narcissus Beauty 30ml from Korea_C

HERA Signia Eye Treatment Narcissus Beauty 30ml from Korea_C

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# The total anti-aging care eye cream takes care of the O line around the eyes with the powerful vitality of Narcissus Plant Cells to make it full of elasticity and vitality

@ Skin Brightening / All Skin Types / Day&Night

  • Powerful vitality of narcissus plant cells for the skin
    • A total anti-aging eye cream delivering powerful vitality of narcissus stem cells to bring the skin back to its ideal healthy state.
  • The eye-catching beauty of healthy, vibrant skin around the eyes
    • A solution to complex problems of the skin around the eyes – drooping eyelids, wrinkles at the corners and bags under the eyes.
  • Rich creamy texture for supple and firm skin around the eyes
    • The rich and yet watery texture smoothly glides over the skin and gets absorbed to create firm and supple skin around the eyes.
  • 30ml


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