HERA Sun Mate Leports Waterproof 70ml SPF 50+ / PA++++_S

HERA Sun Mate Leports Waterproof 70ml SPF 50+ / PA++++_S

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A sunscreen that offers both water and sweat resistance with strong UV protection for prolonged outdoor activity

  • Thorough protection against UV rays at all times
    • Enhanced PA++++ formula provides intensive protection against UVA to keep the skin healthy. Sweatproof Film™ Technology ensures that the formula builds a thin and yet powerful UV-protective film, so that you can leisurely enjoy swimming, jogging and all other activities in the sun.
  • Comfortable feeling skin even through long periods in the sun
    • SUN MATE LEPORTS has witch hazel leaf water providing a soothing effect to keep the skin feeling comfortable while staying long in the sun.
  • Sun care solution to leave you feeling refreshed
    • WaterLux texture bursts into moisture and completely gets absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling nice and refreshed. It's also good for both face and body.
  • 70ml SPF 50+ / PA++++


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