HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum 40ml from Korea_E

HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum 40ml from Korea_E

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# Urban anti-aging serum that boosts the skin’s moment of radiance with powerful pyruvate

@ All Skin Type / Day&Night

  • Relief for skin aged by irritation from harmful urban stimuli
    • The accumulation of harmful conditions and irritation quickly reduces the skin’s condition.
    • The formula keeps the skin barrier healthy and resistant against damage to reveal a bouncy and bright glow.
  • Pyruvate, the key anti-aging ingredient from cell culture medium, which HERA has paid particular attention to
    • Pyruvate is a main component of DMEM, which cultivates cells.
    • Pyruvate is a source of energy featuring a powerful anti-aging effect. HERA discovered its skin benefits to deliver it as a product.
  • Deep penetration through Two-Level Sizing Technology
    • The silky soft formula melts in with a wonderful sensation and leaves a long-lasting dewiness. Experience the serum that goes surprisingly deeply into the skin, thanks to HERA’s special processing technology.
  • 40ml


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