LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Emulsion 100ml from Korea_M

LANEIGE Perfect Renew Youth Emulsion 100ml from Korea_M

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# Anti-aging functional emulsion that provides deep nourishment for firm and smooth skin from within

@ Recommended for
- When your skin starts to age
- When you need a fast-working anti-aging solution
- When wrinkles and firmness worry you

■ Skin energizing Energy Glyco
- Energy Glyco, a glucose highly condensed in wild ginger root, provides energy to the skin

■ Firming 90% pure Tri-peptide from France
- French Tri-Peptide firms skin to reveal smooth, bouncy and young skin

■ Antioxidant bomb Super Berry Complex
- Acerola and acai berry extracts stabilized by LANEIGE’s exclusive *Silicium Capture Technology deliver a stronger anti-oxidation effect

■ 100ml


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