[MEN] Sulwhasoo Men Inner Charging Serum 140ml from Korea_E

[MEN] Sulwhasoo Men Inner Charging Serum 140ml from Korea_E

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# Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract target the underlying signs of aging

  • A water-gel-textured serum formulated with traditional Korean herbs to enhance the natural regeneration of men's skin for caring wrinkles, resilience, and dullness.
  • Carefully chosen ingredients and meticulous formulation help build resilience
    • Jeongyangdan and ginseng extract accelerate skin turnover and revitalize the skin, treating the underlying signs of aging.
  • A water-gel type serum that hydrates thoroughly
    • The unique water-gel type product is both a serum and a toner, delivering a burst of deep hydration with an easy to apply formulation.
  • The deep and rich woody scent delivers relaxation to tired skin
    • The woody scent, with pine, aloeswood and white sandalwood base notes, exude a poised and confident aroma of modern masculinity.
  • 140ml


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