Primera Essential Massage Cream 250ml from Korea_C

Primera Essential Massage Cream 250ml from Korea_C

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  • Rich vitamins and minerals in sunflower sprout extracts vitalise the skin, while anti-oxidising efficacy of sunflower seeds, which contain generous portions of tocopherol and carotenoids, protect the skin from harmful substances in the external environment and maintain moisturisation for an extended period.
  • Contains essential oil complex extracted from natural flowers and fruits, such as bergamot, mandarin, lavender and ylang-ylang, to improve blood circulation within the skin through massaging to brighten the complexion and relax the skin with a refreshing fragrance.
  • A sheen-free formula with effective moisturisatin and adherence adheres gently to the skin for smooth massaging. It keeps the skin moisturised and vitalised to maintain radiance and frimness.
  • 250ml


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