Primera Organience Duo Set (5 Items) from Korea

Primera Organience Duo Set (5 Items) from Korea

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  • Contents : 1 Pack (5 Items)
  1. Primera Organience Water 180ml
  2. Primera Organience Water 30ml
  3. Primera Organience Emulsion 150ml
  4. Primera Organience Emulsion 30ml
  5. Primera Natural Rich Cleansing Foam 30ml
  • Primera Organience Water
    • Toner with skin soothing and purifying effect makes your skin clear and moist.
    • Black bean germinations excellent anti oxidant effect for clear skin.
    • Huttuynia cordata and mugwort sprout soothes skin away from external stimulation with enhancing skin resistance.
    • Acetylglucosamines mild dead skin cell care for clear skin tone.
  • Primera Organience Emulsion 
    • Formulated with black bean, seaweeds, brown algae extracts etc.
    • Protects skin from stress and troubles, and removes skin waste to create clear face.
    • Relaxes skin and creates healthy face.
  • Primera Natural Rich Cleansing Foam
    • Formulated with natural originated ingredients, this cleansing foam takes away skin impurities and makeup residues.
    • Broccoli sprout extracts provides hydration and chamomile extracts help with soothing.
    • Olive oil for hydration prevents the loss of moisture while cleansing and relieves the tightness after cleansing.
    • Contains the seaweed extracts from the agar seaweed to attach to the impurities and leave your skin clean and clear.


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