Primera Wild Seed Firming Cream 50ml from Korea_C

Primera Wild Seed Firming Cream 50ml from Korea_C

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Improves wrinkle diminish and skin elasticity simultaneously for firmer
and well-toned skin.

  • The core firming ingredient in the Wild Seed Firming Line that tends to the
    skin so that it is with firmness and solid with a concentration of flat beans
    containing firming resistance factors and good substances in germinated
    flat beans that are rich in amino acids.
  • The core ingredient containing beneficial substances
    found in rare restored variety flat beans and germinated flat beans
    generally improves the condition of the skin and makes it solid and robust.
    Soy butter and meadow foam seed oil help improve moisturization and luster,
    making the skin shine with vitality.
  • A texture that applies gently, yet that gives a dense finish evenly fills every gap
    in the texture of the skin, providing a sense of firming and a sense of nutrition.
  • 50ml


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