3 x New Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment 330ml from Korea

3 x New Ryo Hair Loss Care Treatment 330ml from Korea

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For the health of hair from the roots to the ends! Hair loss care treatment pack

  • Lush energy of Ginseng in June, GinsenEX Technology
    • Generously using every part of the ginseng plant from the precious roots to the stem, leaf and fruit!
  • Contanins Korean medicinal herbs for healthy hair&roots
  • Proven formula, safe & mild
    • Dermatologist tested
    • 5 - Free (Silicone oil, Animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, triethanolamine, synthetic colorant)
  • Recommend for
    • Those worried about hair loss symptoms
    • Thin, weak and limp hair
    • Those whose scalp feels stuffy and not clean
    • Those who want a lightweight formula
    • Those whose scalp quickly becomes oily due to sebum production
  • 300ml + 300ml + 300ml


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