Su:m37 Bright Award Gift Set (3 Items) from Korea

Su:m37 Bright Award Gift Set (3 Items) from Korea

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[su:m] means 'breath'

  • Contents : 1 Pack (3 Items)
  1. Bright Award Bubble-De Mask Pack 100ml
  2. Bright Award Bubble-De Mask Black 10ml
  3. Bright Award Micro Whipping Deep Cleansing Foam 40ml
  • White Award Line
    • White Award line has rich fermented whitening ingredients, NAPS(N-Acety Phytosphingosine), antioxidant - prevention ingredients and various nutrition ingredient and contained Acai Berry, which is spotlighted as super food over the world. This is a whitening & anti-aging care line which prevents early aging of the skin and helps the skin to be clean, clear, glowing and refreshing.
  • White Award Bubble-De Mask
    • Three-in-One effect facial mask: brightening, deep pore cleansing and skin smoothing.


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