Su:m37 Water-full Water Gel Cleansing Foam 180ml from Korea_CL

Su:m37 Water-full Water Gel Cleansing Foam 180ml from Korea_CL

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# An intensive moisturizing care line, which the bamboo sap, which is fermented with three kinds of flowers, increases the density of moist on the skin and keeps the skin moist and vital. The fermented bamboo sap, which is made by the mystery of fermentation, penetrates deep into the skin and in between the skins and increases density of moist on the skin.

  • A moist jelly-textured cleanser that lathers dense , creamy foam that whisk away skin impurities cleanly with amino acid-derived cleansing ingredient.
  • A slightly acidic formula that is similar to skin to keep skin moisturized and comfortable during and after wash without a tightening feel.
  • The moisturizing cleanser that thoroughly cleanses the skin threatened by fine dust or other aggressors.
  • A Jelly-like texture cleanser to clean fine dust thoroughly and to moisturize your skin without stimulation.
  • Formulated with glasswort extract to provide a soothing effect.
  • 180ml

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