Sulwhasoo Body Lotion White Breath 250ml from Korea_M

Sulwhasoo Body Lotion White Breath 250ml from Korea_M

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# The lotion is formulated with the subtle scent of plum blossoms to make you feel refreshed and gently embrace the body for moisturization, resilience, and radiance.

  • Light texture that applies smoothly
    • The functional, wrinkle-correcting formula contains adenosine to help with wrinkle correction.
  • Moisturization and resilience of natural ingredients
  • A luxury object for everyday life
    • The body lotion in the bottle design has modernly reinterpreted traditional beauty with inspiration from the ‘traditional white porcelain bottle’, and the marble neck design with natural colors becomes a luxury object that enhances the value of your space.
  • 250ml


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