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AMORE PACIFIC Botanical Soothing Toner 200ml from Korea

AMORE PACIFIC Botanical Soothing Toner 200ml from Korea

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# A botanical toner that utilizes the hydrating and soothing effects of bamboo sap to softly and comfortably tone skin.

  • Bamboo sap is a rare and precious Asian botanical that can only be harvested 25 days a year. The sap is similar to water in the human body - hydrating skin fast to help make skin healthy.
  • Fast-absorbing hyaluronic acid supports moisture retention in the skin both immediately and over time. Cotton extract soothes and comforts skin irritated by daily external aggressors.
  • The Dew Comforting™ formula contains a high amount of panthenol to fortify the skin barrier for exceptional moisturization, perfectly preparing skin for the next steps in a daily beauty ritual.
  • The light botanical floral scent is perfectly ideal and sensible for a daily beauty ritual.
  • 200ml

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