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HERA Hydro-dew Plumping Cream 50ml from Korea
HERA Hydro-dew Plumping Cream 50ml from Korea
HERA Hydro-dew Plumping Cream 50ml from Korea

HERA Hydro-dew Plumping Cream 50ml from Korea

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# Moisture plumping cream that fills with moisture and cares for even the fine skin texture to give the skin moisture inside the skin

@ Wrinkle improvement function / All Skin Types / Day&night

  • Moisture plumping with synergy of resurrection plant extract and 5-Hyal mixer
    • A garden with a preserved natural environment, a 5-Hyal mixer that cares for the time of skin hydration with the extract of the resurrection plant grown in Sonyam Garden in France, providing plump skin with moisture
  • 3 types of elasticity peptides, collagen, and black pearl extract to provide firm and shiny skin
    • The three types of peptide complex, which is the basis and source of the skin, and collagen, which occupies 70% of the dermis and acts as a pillar of the skin, and black pearl extract containing minerals and various organic ingredients provide nutrition and shine to the skin and moisturize the clover core zone. Maximize the plumping effect
      (*Clover Core Zone: Forehead-cheek cheeks)
  • Unique sensual cream texture made with 100-minute tempering method
    • It spreads densely but is quickly absorbed, maintaining the moisture of the clover core zone without stickiness, and providing a smooth skin base that matches the base makeup.
  • 50ml


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