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HERA Hydro Reflecting Special Set 1 (5 Items) from Korea

HERA Hydro Reflecting Special Set 1 (5 Items) from Korea

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  • Contents : 1 Pack (5 Items)
  1. HERA Hydro Reflecting Toner 170ml
  2. HERA Hydro Reflecting Fluid 140ml
  3. HERA Hydro Reflecting Toner 30ml
  4. HERA Hydro Reflecting Fluid 30ml
  5. HERA Hydro Reflecting Micro Cream 5ml 
  • HERA Hydro Reflecting Toner
    • A boosting toner that not only soothes the skin with a water essence formula that densely replenishes moisture, but also opens the skin's moisture path
  • HERA Hydro Reflecting Fluid
    • Moisturizing care fluid that balances oil and moisture with a soft and comfortable moisture serum formula
  • HERA Hydro Reflecting Micro Cream
    • Moisture radiance cream with micro vita beads and a gel-type moisture formula that fills the skin with moisture to create clear and vibrant radiance skin.


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