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O HUI Miracle Aqua July August 2023 Set (7 Items) from Korea

O HUI Miracle Aqua July August 2023 Set (7 Items) from Korea

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  • Contents : 1 Pack (7 Items)
  1. Miracle Aqua Skin Softener 150ml
  2. Miracle Aqua Emulsion 130ml
  3. Miracle Aqua Skin Softener 20ml
  4. Miracle Aqua Emulsion 20ml
  5. Miracle Aqua Essence 3ml
  6. Miracle Aqua Cream 7ml
  7. O HUI Cleansing Foam 40ml
  • Miracle Aqua Skin Softener : A gentle skin softener that instantly provides moisture to the cleansed skin where the moisture protective film was washed away and removes bumpy dead skin cells.
  • Miracle Aqua Emulsion : A skin-hydrating emulsion that blends into skin gently and easily, and fills in the skin uniformly, from within to the surface, with moisture to make the skin refreshed.
  • Miracle Aqua Essence : Skin essence that contains the tapping-and-pooping water of Jeju to moisten the skin thoroughly and the Aurora Hyaluronic acid to fill in the skin uniformly, from the surface to the inside, for completing the smooth and flawless skin.


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