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Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Eye Cream 20ml from Korea

Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Eye Cream 20ml from Korea

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Anti-aging series specifically designed for Asian women, addresses skin pre-aging and defers spread of aging.

  • The Multiple Protect Formula, created by the use of Ceramide, Betaine and Trehalose, retains moisture and recovers skin elasticity, fights against the damages caused by external environment. Leaves eye areas hydrated and soft for long.
  • The use of Orchid Y ComplexTM and Purity FermTM technique, enhances elasticity and firmness of eye areas and strengthens the skin barrier, contouring the eye areas.
  • A multi-functional Eye Massage Applicator provided, with 3 different surface design, further helps contour eye areas, smoothe fine lines and lighten dark eye circles.

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