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Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Serum 50ml from Korea

Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Serum 50ml from Korea

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[su:m] means 'breath'
  • This is a serum containing nourishment for healthy and lively skin that provides moisturization, firmness, and pleasant smoothing through its silky texture.
  • Microscopic particle to increase absorption of the skin
    • The active ingredients are finely broken through natural fermentation and it increases the absorption rate of the skin.
  • Detox effects
    • The fermentation process, which only follows nature, removes subtle toxic substances as well.
  • The efficacy of unknown which is being actively studied
    • The natural fermentation creates a variety of effective material and shows synergy effects as many microorganisms act within the natural ingredients. The efficacy of natural fermentation, which has been scientifically proved so far, is only 10% of it and can't wait to hear the research result on the efficacy of the unknown.
  • 150ml

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