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Cosmetics 10days(DHL) or 15days(Standard) Delivery Guarantee Program

cosmetics k-beauty toaustralia tousa

Munbangku.com offers a 10 days(DHL) or 15 days(Standard) delivery guarantee from Korea to Australia or U.S.A. If a delivery is failed, we will refund the shipping cost you paid.

  • 10 days or 15 days : Business days except for public holidays
  • Carrier : Standard or DHL 
  • Refund amount : 10% of Total payment(Standard) or $25(DHL
  • Based Currency : AU Dollar
  • Start date : 23th. Jan. 2021

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact us.

(Preferred  'ecakedeli@hotmail.com', reply within 12hours)

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